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Mollie (and Laura’s) Must-Haves: LaMer and DevaCurl

August 7, 2009

Even in the short time we’ve been back up and running at BRAVA, there have already been a few beauty products that have changed our lives. And while the notion of a beauty product literally altering the course of life seems silly, that just goes to show how amazing these babies are!

DevaCurl Set Up & Above

The first is DevaCurl’s “Set Up & Above” curl enhancing cream. Truthfully, it’s more like a gel than anything, but let me just say: I have never used a product that can bring out my natural curls and still give amazing volume like this product. NEVER. (You know I mean business when I break out the all-caps.)

Ladies, I have tried them all: The sprays, the creams, the gels, the messy at-home remedies that you read about on DIY Web sites. This is the literal cream of the crop thus far in my beauty product-obsessed life.

I take about a quarter-size amount, rub it on my palms and scrunch it through my hair, starting at the ends but also making sure it distributes through the entire length of my tresses. Then, I diffuse, add a Keihls styling cream and hairspray, and ta-da—fabulous curls in 10 minutes!

And, to top off the great results, the scent is amazing, infused with jojoba, olive oil and cupuacu seed oil, which combines for a minty, citrusy fresh scent.

For a review of the matching diffuser (which is adorable!) check out our review on or visit Deva’s Web site. The product is available for purchase at Sleek Hair online. Trust me, this will be the best $16 you’ll ever spend on your locks.


I called on our publisher, Laura Houlihan, to test out the second life-changing product of the day: LaMer’s Radiant Concealer SPF 25 ($65). The following is her rave review…

This concealer is amazing. I have sun damage on my cheeks and forehead that I’m self conscious about—I’ve been using what I thought was the best product for 3 years now…I’ve since replaced that with this miracle cream.

Not only does it cover-up unwanted blemishes and dark spots, it gives me a fresh and energized look when applied under the eyes. The first day I wore it, my husband even commented that I looked like I was glowing! I love it. Absolutely love it.

Click here for LaMer’s Radiant Concealer SPF 25, available at

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