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Mollie’s Must Haves: Tips from Tim … every day

March 27, 2009

This past Christmas, brava graphic designer Kristin Joiner (or KJ, as we call her) presented me with a lovely little gift: a year’s worth of fashion and style tips from the king of fabulous, Tim Gunn.

gunn_cal(Shown here is the calendar’s ripped-off cover, which hangs in my cube)

Each day, I come into the office and take a moment to read Tim’s latest advice, and it’s always something completely different from the day before. Today it was about having a slip on hand for see-through skirts, sometimes he gives a more educational tip about a certain fabric. And my favorite days? When his advice is written with his signature kick of personality. It’s like I can actually hear him saying it.

January 29: Metallics add a wonderful dose of glamour, but should be restricted to one item per outfit. Please don’t pair your silver clogs with a silver lamé bag unless you are masquerading as a foil-wrapped baked potato.

March 20: Take good care of your skin by wearing sunscreen every day, regardless of the season, the tone of your skin, your base tan, or the fact that you live in Seattle and work at home, venturing out only after dark.

And then there is the occasional inspirational quote:

February 2: Style is about the way you hold yourself and move through the world. How are you moving?

But I think perhaps the main reason I’m so attached to my Tim Gunn calendar is that I had the privilege of actually meeting him this past November! Tim was one of our celebrity guests (along with Debbie Reynolds) at the Madison Women’s Expo, an annual event put on the Erickson Publishing team.


Tim and I spent one glorious day together as I shuttled him from the airport, to the Expo, to his various receptions and finally, back to the airport. Through it all, I assure you he was every bit as charismatic, kind and inspiring as he is on BRAVO’sProject Runway” and “Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style.”

He even stayed three hours to sign autographs (including my book — above), never hesitating when someone wanted to shake his hand or snap a photo with him. Meanwhile, I was crowd control commander, yelling, “No photos please! Let’s keep the line moving!” But that’s beside the point.

In short: Tim Gunn is a fantastic man … I feel so fortunate to have spent time with him.

You can find the Tim Gunn calendar at local bookstores, or by clicking here.

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  1. March 28, 2009 9:58 am

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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