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Mollie’s Must-Haves: windblown and wonderful

March 20, 2009

When it comes to hairstyles, there’s something to be said for true beachy waves; the kind that just happen on their own after a day of splashing around in the ocean amidst hot sunshine, salt and sea spray. But, since we don’t have hot sun (yet!) saltwater or sea spray (unless you count the freezing wind blowing off the lakes) to speak of at the moment, I’ve got the perfect product for you!

And before I divulge … I must add that  I’ve tried my fair share of products to supplement fresh-from-the-beach texture. I feel like anytime a hair product has the word “beachy” in its name, I end up buying it, trying it and, ultimately, feeling disappointed because my “waves” are more limp and lifeless, than beachy and fabulous.

Until this morning. When Philip B.’s new “Maui Wowie” came into the office, I thought to myself “OK, why not give it a try … what’s one more product got to hurt?” After seeing the outcome, I was pleasantly surprised!

Made from sea salt, extract of algae, orchid, Tahitian gardenia and extracts of Kukui and Coconut — which means it actually smells like the beach — the product is made to be sprayed liberally on the hair straight out of the shower. I followed the application up with a quick diffuser blow dry, a little molding paste, spritz of hairspray and voila! Beachy waves reinvented. See for yourself!


To purchase this product, visit

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