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The next best thing

March 17, 2009

There are times in every gal’s life when she finds herself shopping, and subsequently staring — er, drooling — at a [INSERT FABULOUS ACCESSORY NAME] by [INSERT FABULOUSLY EXPENSIVE DESIGNER NAME] that she simply doesn’t have the funds to splurge on. She sighs while swearing to herself, Mark my words … I will be able to buy that someday. And then like a good budget-minded girl, she simply walks away, sans drool-worthy item.

Yes, this has happened one too many times. A prime example would be seeing “Sex and the City: The Movie,” and literally salivating over Carrie Bradshaw’s studded belt that she wore multiple times throughout the flick. Seriously, she made punk rock work with nearly everything — why can’t I?

A) Because the belt is a vintage find that SJP picked out specifically for the movie, which is a one-of-a-kind and even has a name. Yes, the belt goes by “Roger.”

B) Because every belt I’ve found — and yes, I’ve searched the internet relentlessly — is over $100. And in some extreme cases, I might splurge on a belt that’s over $100, but the problem with the internet is ultimately FIT. What if the belt doesn’t fit? Then you have to deal with the ultimate downer: returning a purchase via mail, then tack on the shipping costs, and you’re right back where you started.

I digress …

My point here is that sometimes, if you wait long enough, a less-expensive solution finds you … twice!

While putting together our April fashion shoot a few weeks back, I was in ultra-chic boutique Twigs, to fit one of our models. She hadn’t arrived yet, and I was browsing around (naturally) when I came across an actual “Sex and the City Belt” on a rack in the back of the store! It was even in my size!

Shown here, the brand Streets Ahead also makes a matching clutch that is simply divine. Still a bit out of my price range at $170 and $375, respectively for the belt and clutch. So, I brought them to the shoot and pretended they were mine for the day. You’ll catch a glimpse of these beauties in our April issue’s fashion spread.


I went about my daily routine without my coveted belt (which I decided to leave for some other fashion fanatic to purchase at Twigs) … until this past weekend. I was browsing through Forever 21 in Milwaukee, and lo and behold, there upon the rack of belts was an imitation Sex and the City belt, calling my name. For $10? You bet I bought it! Not a pang of guilt in sight. Shown here, I also found a few studded bracelets at Verona’s The Purple Goose, which were on sale for under $5 each. In total, these finds were no more that $20.


So you see, there’s a happy ending in all this. Almost a year after I first laid eyes on that studded belt, I finally have one to call my own. And when that next uber-trendy accessory sparks my interest, I’ll have money leftover to buy that one too.

Happy hunting!

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  1. March 18, 2009 6:45 pm

    Love the belt! I run a national golf event company and we just launched a shopping page ( to feature trendy items to help the women stand apart from the men. This is exactly what we want to help women find.

  2. Mary Jo permalink
    March 31, 2009 3:18 pm

    I see I raised a daughter with “patience”. Glad it payed off.

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