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February 19, 2009

mollienew1I grow weak in the knees when I find a fabulous pair of shoes at TJ Maxx. My mouth waters when I wander through the cosmetic department of Macy’s or peruse the shelves of Prep Cosmetics. I’ll even admit that my favorite day of every month is the day I find Lucky — the only Conde Nast magazine all about shopping — in my mailbox. On those days, I don’t stop reading until I’ve soaked up every last trend and I’ve made a list of all the latest products to try.

Though I imagine this probably sounds a bit borderline obsessive, I assure you that my self-diagnosed love for shopping can help you, dear brava reader.

Today, keeping up with the metaphorical “Jones’s” of the fashion and beauty world is nearly impossible; not unlike trying to simultaneously cook dinner, hold the phone to your ear using your shoulder, get the kids ready for soccer practice and catch snippets of the latest “Brothers and Sisters” episode, only to have to log on to the next evening to catch up on what you missed.

Consider my blog your extra set of hands.

With so many products and so little time, I’m asking you to sit back and relax, while I spend time cooking up a marvelous spread of products, services and industry notables worthy of your attention.

Be sure to check back to my blog each Tuesday to read my latest recommendation — you’ll be glad you did. After all, Mrs. Jones may have kept it a secret, but I bet she had four hands too.

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